An 18 year old girl who was left to face a lifetime of disability after medical staff failed to pick up a hormonal abnormality following her birth has won an NHS compensation package worth £6.25 million to pay for the care she will always need.

The girl was born with an under-active thyroid gland but did not receive appropriate treatment for four months. A neo-natal test for the condition had been incorrectly reported as normal, which meant that hormone replacement therapy was delayed. She suffered irreversible brain damage as a result and will never achieve cognitive function above that of a child aged eight or nine.

The NHS trust which managed the hospital did not dispute liability and agreed to a settlement of the case. The award comprised a £1.5 million lump sum and annual, index linked and tax free payments, rising to almost £160,000 a year. Some of the capital sum will be used to purchase a suitable new home for the girl and her family and the annual payments will fund her care for life.

Although nothing can truly compensate for mistakes that permanently damage one’s health, a settlement can relieve financial worries and help the injured person to achieve the best quality of life possible. If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of negligent medical treatment, contact a member of our team for advice.