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    Planning ahead for your families’ future is important to ensure your wishes are carried out correctly when you are gone; our specialist Wills & Probate team are here to guide you.

    Leaving a will allows you to provide clear instructions on how to administer your estate, and your wishes when you are gone; easing some stress for those left behind at what is a difficult time.

    Planning ahead can avoid the pitfalls of Inheritance Tax problems. Our team can advise on the most tax efficient ways to handle your estate in order to avoid any nasty surprises in the future.

    Alongside preparing your Will, our team can also assist you with the preparation of Powers of Attorney documents. This involves you appointing a person who can act as your Attorney who, in event that you become incapable of making important decisions due to illness or injury, can make these decisions on your behalf.

    What Our Experienced Wills & Probate Legal Team Can Help With:

    • Advice and help regarding a Will
    • Advice and help regarding Inheritance Tax Planning
    • Advice regarding the preparation of Trusts
    • Guidance and creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney
    • Specialist probate lawyers to Administer your Estate
    • The probate process

    Why Choose Our Wills & Probate Specialists:

    Providing a quality and personal service to both couples and individuals across Coventry and the West Midlands, our team of lawyers treat each and every client as an individual. We ensure we take the time to understand all aspects of a client’s needs and wishes, so they are carried out in the future.

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    Frequently Asked Questions…

    Who is entitled to see a will after death in the UK?2020-05-21T12:25:17+01:00

    In the UK prior to probate only those named as executors in the Will are entitled to see it, however, if for example you are a beneficiary, you can request of the executor to see the will, and in most cases they will allow this and explain what you have been left in the will. After the probate process, and probate is granted, the will becomes a public record and anyone can apply for a copy.

    What exactly does probate mean?2020-05-21T12:25:21+01:00

    Probate is the routine legal process undertaken which proves the validity of a Will after a person’s passing. Following a grant of probate being issued (acknowledging validity) the probate process encompasses the administration and distribution of the estate, and includes clearing debts. Probate is complete once all debts are cleared and the estate passed on to those inheriting.  

    What happens when you don’t have a Will?2020-05-21T12:26:12+01:00

    If you die without leaving behind a will it means you have passed away ‘intestate’ and as a result your estate which encompasses property, money and belongings, must be shared out according to the rules of intestacy. With intestate succession in the majority of cases your estate would be split between your surviving next of kin, be it your spouse, parents, children or siblings, but importantly not to an unmarried partner.

    Do you need a solicitor to write a Will?2020-05-21T12:26:31+01:00

    As with other legal documents, writing a will without a solicitor can result in mistakes or unclear elements which ultimately mean your will can not be actioned when you are gone, and your wishes not met. Even if you decide to write a will yourself it should still be checked over by a solicitor to help ensure your executor isn’t left with any issues to sort at a later date and to ensure it is legally valid. Utilising a solicitor has many benefits in addition to the legal validity including making sure you have had advice on inheritance tax, ensuring provisions are put in place to clear debts and the division of your estate is clear, concise and actionable. 


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