We recently drafted an article on the no fault divorce legislation which was due to be implemented in Autumn 2021. This was to bring about the new era of no fault divorce and change things for the better. Unfortunately, the government have very quietly admitted that this legislation will not come into force until 6th April 2022, which is very disappointing.

Whilst this is a massive reform of divorce law and the biggest that has probably taken place in 50 years, it is disappointing for families who are going through this extremely stressful time of separation, to think that they now have to wait for even longer to get divorced without having to blame the other party.

It is important to ensure that this legislation and reform are fit for purpose and we are sure that the government are doing all they can to make sure it is the best it can be. There is going to be a new digital service which will allow for a smooth transition from the exiting service and this also has to be reformed. The procedural rules have to be amended and it has to be workable whilst balancing all the needs of the children and the family as a whole.

We continue to work under the Resolution rules of divorce to ensure that we can act in the best way for you and your family whilst you go through this difficult time and whilst we wait for the new legislation to come into force. We are here to help you with any issues that you have regarding your separation. We try to make sure that this is dealt with amicably for the sake of the children especially.

Please do give us a call if you have any questions on 02476 555 400 for Coventry or 01926 311427 for Leamington Spa.