Our approach to offering you an outstanding service is based on four simple steps:

Predictable Costs
We do not believe in giving you an unrealistic quote with the objective of winning you as a client. We will never charge you for anything you have not agreed in advance. Sometimes there are unexpected turns that can impact on costs and timescales. If so, we will revise the costs and timescales, and then agree them with you before undertaking further work. When a fixed price we will, but importantly you always remain in control of costs, with no compromise in the quality of service you receive.

Regular Communication
When you “engage” Ward & Rider, we will ask you from the outset how you want us to communicate with you ie: would you prefer e-mail, phone or letter? We will also discuss with you the frequency of communication.

The idea is to tailor our service to work best for you and to ensure that you are kept fully informed at all times.

Listening to What You Have to Say
Throughout every stage of our relationship we will listen carefully to what you have to say to ensure that we fully understand all of your views and wishes and that these are fully taken account of.

Continuous Improvement
As part of our drive for service excellence, once a job is complete we will ask for your feedback so we can learn lessons that will help us to provide an even better service in the future. We do this with all our clients. Examples of feedback are open for you to see by clicking here!