We are all entitled to receive a certain level of medical care when we visit our GP or are admitted to hospital. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and not everyone’s experience is a good one.

We have a specialist medical negligence team who can help you pursue a claim for compensation.

Our medical negligence lawyers are experienced in dealing with all types of medical negligence claims and will work hard to achieve the compensation you deserve. We also understand that this is a difficult and perhaps distressing time for you, which is why our lawyers are caring and listen to you; providing the advice you need to successfully start your claim.


  • Was there a delay in diagnosing the correct position, which led to unnecessary pain and suffering?
  • Was there a delay in referring you to a specialist, which led to unecessary pain and suffering?
  • Has your GP, nurse, dentist or accident and emergency consultant been guilty of failing to act quickly enough?


  • Have you had inappropriate treatment due to the wrong diagnosis?
  • Have you been prescribed the wrong drug?

Birth Injuries and Pregnancy Problems:

  • Have you or your baby been injured due to problems with their delivery?
  • Has there been a failure to spot problems with the pregnancy in time or at all?


  • Has your surgery been performed badly or been inappropriate?
  • Has there been a failure of a medical device or product, or have you been infected with MRSA or CDiff unnecessarily?
  • Has your cosmetic surgery been performed incorrectly due to your surgeon’s negligence?

Dental Negligence

  • Has your dentist failed to diagnose a serious dental problem?
  • Have they carried out treatment which has been negligent?
  • Have you been injured during the course of such treatment?

In order for a claim to be successful it is necessary to show that both of the following apply:

There has been a breach of duty – this is where conduct has fallen short of the duty of care owed, for example if a GP has not provided a reasonable standard of care.

There has to be a causal link between the breach of duty and the injury suffered.  To make a successful claim the breach of duty must have caused the patient an injury.

  • Failure or delay to diagnose, such as  not carrying out the correct medical tests required
  • Failure to refer a patient for specialist treatment
  • Giving treatment which is unsuitable for a particular injury which results in the injury worsening or not getting better
  • Surgery which is not required or carried out poorly

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