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No Fault Divorce

After many years of suffering with an old fashioned, antagonistic set of matrimonial rules surrounding divorce, the law has now significantly changed. This means that parties no longer have to rely on one of the “five facts” to prove the ground for divorce. The old law had those facts as being “unreasonable behaviour”, adultery and separation based on two and [...]

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DIY Conveyancing Can Prove Costly

You might think that something as seemingly simple as buying a pitch for a caravan is straightforward enough to do yourself. However, examples of this shows why you shouldn't consider entering into a property transaction without employing a specialist lawyer. One example of how things can go wrong comes from a man who paid £3,000 for a caravan pitch and [...]

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Pensions and Divorce

Divorces among the over-60s are by no means infrequent. Whilst the potential for acrimony arising from issues concerning young children is absent, they often do produce a great deal of dispute regarding the division of the family assets. There are two assets which are typically substantial - the family home and the value of pension entitlements. The former is normally [...]

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Separation or Divorce – Which is Right For Me?

You may have been experiencing some issues within your marriage or civil partnership but are unsure of what to do. If you don’t want to get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution to officially end your marriage/civil partnership, there are a couple of other options for you. Figure it out It’s important to take stock and ensure that you’ve figured [...]

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Funding the First Step On the Ladder

Getting 'on the property ladder' has never been harder as lending criteria have been tightened considerably since the ‘boom’ days of 125 per cent mortgages. Young people wishing to buy a home of their own are increasingly looking to their parents for assistance. Even if their parents can, it is often difficult to know the best way to help. Here [...]

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No Fault Divorce – Update

We recently drafted an article on the no fault divorce legislation which was due to be implemented in Autumn 2021. This was to bring about the new era of no fault divorce and change things for the better. Unfortunately, the government have very quietly admitted that this legislation will not come into force until 6th April 2022, which is very [...]

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