Should we separate or divorce?

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Figure it out You may have been experiencing some issues within your marriage or civil partnership, but unsure of what to do and where to go. If you don’t want to get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution to officially end your marriage/civil partnership, there are a couple of other options for you. With that being [...]

Woman Compensated For Hot Water Bottle Burns

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A recent case is a reminder that accidents with hot water bottles can cause significant long-term burn injuries. A woman suffered severe scalding to her arm and elbow when her hot water bottle burst unexpectedly. The accident has left her with scarring that doctors say is likely to take more than a year to heal. She [...]

Woman Wins Compensation for School Swimming Lesson Tragedy

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Following a long legal battle, a woman who almost drowned during a school swimming lesson when she was ten years old has won the right to a multi-million-pound compensation settlement after a judge ruled that negligence on the part of her teacher and the lifeguard who was on duty at the time was the cause of [...]

Family Wins Compensation for Holiday Illness

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A family from Cheshire whose holiday was ruined when they all fell ill with a violent gastric bug have won compensation from their tour operator. Dianne Blakeway, her husband and two adult sons were staying at the Gran Caribe Real Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico, with a party of friends and relatives celebrating a family [...]

Barrister Wins £2 Million Plus After Botched Appendectomy

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A barrister who specialises in representing medical negligence victims was cursed by a similar fate to many of his clients when doctors made a catalogue of errors whilst operating to remove his appendix. He suffered long-term consequences, for which the High Court has awarded him more than £2 million in compensation. What should have been a [...]

Care Home Fined After Death of Resident

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The thought that friends or family members might be passing their later years in a care home which is unsafe is a disturbing one for anyone, so the recent announcement by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that a care home in Hertfordshire has been fined £85,000 for a breach of the Health and Safety at [...]

Pedestrian Wins £30,000 for Agonising Pavement Fall

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A pedestrian who suffered fractures to her right ankle and knee when she tripped on the edge of a path has been awarded £30,000 in damages from her local authority. The 60-year-old woman had been visiting her elderly parents in council-owned sheltered accommodation. She had taken just two or three steps when she lost her footing [...]

Open Justice Trumps Trustees’ Fears for Children

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The public interest in open justice has trumped individual privacy rights in a case in which lawyers sought to protect child beneficiaries of a very substantial family trust from the glare of publicity – which it was feared would undermine their security and expose them to 'false friends' interested only in their money. The creator of [...]

Stamp Duty Changes

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The basis on which stamp duty is charged is being changed in a move that will benefit most purchasers of property. The old system applied a single rate of stamp duty to the sale price, based on the value of the purchase. Because of the way in which this was tiered, it led to some creative [...]