A delivery driver who was badly injured as he tried to leave a gated security area in Whitehall has won an undisclosed sum in damages.

The 47 year old man was leaving the area via the open barrier when the accident happened. A submerged bollard was released just as he was driving over it, lifting his van into the air. When the vehicle came crashing down, the impact caused him to suffer back, neck and arm injuries. He was left with restricted movement and later had to have surgery to repair the nerve damage he had suffered.

After the accident, he was unable to work for six months. He still has to be careful when lifting heavy objects and is fearful of undertaking strenuous activity that could cause him to suffer a relapse.

The accident occurred because a member of the Metropolitan Police had pressed the release button for the bollard too early. Normally, the bollard worked automatically but there was a fault in the system and so it was being operated manually.

It was not the first time someone had been injured at the same security post. Had a risk assessment for the task of manually operating the bollard been carried out, and appropriate training provided, the van driver’s accident could easily have been prevented.

The driver pursued a personal injury claim against the Metropolitan Police Service and secured a ‘significant’ amount in compensation.

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