A woman whose hand was cut by a broken latte glass has won £6,000 in damages.

The woman, who had recently retired, was visiting a high street coffee chain with her husband when the accident happened. As she brought the milky coffee up to her mouth to take a sip, a piece of the glass broke off.

Fortunately, her lips and mouth were not injured, but one of her fingers was cut as she put the glass down.

As the cut was serious, she went to the accident and emergency department at her local hospital, where they cleaned and stitched the wound.

However, even after a few days’ rest at home, the woman continued to suffer considerable pain and discomfort.

She looked into the possibility of bringing a personal injury claim against the coffee chain involved, and a subsequent private medical examination revealed that there was still a shard of glass in her finger.

Doctors are of the opinion that her finger will take 18 months to heal fully and she will continue to experience pain over that period.

The claim has now been settled and the woman has secured a settlement of £6,000 for the pain and suffering she experienced.

Accidents in shops are all too common. If you have suffered a personal injury because the owner of commercial premises has failed to eliminate foreseeable risks to the public, contact a member of our personal injury team to discuss your claim for compensation.