A shopper who was injured when he tried to lift a faulty box containing flat-pack furniture has won £11,000 in damages.

The man was shopping at a major supermarket when the accident happened. He wished to buy the furniture and was attempting to remove the item from a shelf. Unfortunately, the box was defective and, as he did so, its contents spilled out. The heavy pieces landed on his foot, and he suffered a fracture and a ruptured cartilage in his big toe.

The man required hospital treatment and it took some time for the toe to heal. Although he has since recovered from his injuries, it is likely that he will develop arthritis in the future, as a result of which he may require surgery.

The man brought a claim against the supermarket, arguing that the accident would not have happened if the faulty box had not been left on display. The supermarket initially failed to offer any compensation for his injuries, and court proceedings were commenced. Before the case could be heard, however, the supermarket made an offer of £11,000 in compensation, which the man accepted.

Accidents in shops are all too common. If you have suffered a personal injury because of a store owner’s failure to eliminate foreseeable risks to the public, contact one of our Personal Injury Team to discuss your claim for compensation.