A footballer whose career was effectively ended when he sustained an injury whilst preparing for an England game has won an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Dean Ashton, now 27, was injured in 2006 in the lead up to what would have been his international debut for England, in a friendly match against Greece. During training, he was tackled by one of the other players and his ankle was badly broken.

Mr Ashton, who had just joined West Ham United when the injury occurred, underwent several operations on his ankle and went on to make his only appearance for England in 2008, in a friendly game against Trinidad and Tobago. Soon afterwards, the ankle injury flared up again and doctors warned Mr Ashton that if he continued to play football he ran the risk of damage that would leave him unable to walk. Shortly afterwards, he decided to retire from football.

Mr Ashton commenced proceedings against the Football Association and an out-of-court settlement has now been agreed between the parties that takes into account his pain and suffering as well as loss of future earnings.

It has been reported that West Ham is also preparing a claim for compensation for the loss of the services of Mr Ashton as a result of an injury that occurred whilst he was ‘on England duty’.

Whilst taking part in any sport, amateur or professional, carries with it a certain level of risk, you may be entitled to compensation if you are injured during a sporting activity because of negligent behaviour that went beyond what is acceptable in the normal course of play.  Contact Jason Claridge for advice on bringing a claim.