A barrister who specialises in representing medical negligence victims was cursed by a similar fate to many of his clients when doctors made a catalogue of errors whilst operating to remove his appendix. He suffered long-term consequences, for which the High Court has awarded him more than £2 million in compensation.

What should have been a fairly routine open appendectomy has caused the man untold suffering. He was left temporarily paralysed and, after recovering his ability to move, his surgical wound burst open. He endured ‘unbearable’ pain and had to have a further operation to remove a blood clot. His condition continued to deteriorate after his discharge from hospital and he had to be treated with powerful antibiotics.

Although he has been able to return to work, the ‘workaholic’ barrister has had to cut his working hours and the Court was of the opinion that he will probably have to retire ten years earlier than he had planned. He has been left with an unsightly abdominal bulge and continues to suffer frequent, lasting and acute pain.

The majority of the man’s damages award was to compensate him for earnings he had already lost or would lose in the future as a result of his enforced early retirement from the career he loves. The exact amount of the settlement has yet to be finally calculated, but his lawyers confirmed that he would receive in excess of £2 million.

Negligent medical care can lead to a lifetime of suffering and limitation of opportunity. Our experienced legal advisers can help you obtain appropriate compensation.