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Date: 17th February 2015 09:40
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Jason Claridge

£105k personal injury compensation for lorry driver
A lorry driver who suffered permanent damage to his ankle when he fell in a work’s depot received £105,000 in an out of court settlement. Jason Claridge, personal injury specialist at Ward & Rider Solicitors, acted for a Midlands man in his 40’s who was a HGV driver. ...
Date: 13th February 2015 11:00
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Jodie Doran

Warehouse Operative receives personal injury compensation for accident at work
Jodie Doran, Solicitor at Ward & Rider Limited, acted for a client who suffered a personal injury in an accident at work. The client was employed as a warehouse operative and at the time of the accident was going about his usual duties. Repairs to his machine had been carrie...
Date: 13th February 2015 10:56
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Jodie Doran

Compensation for Personal Injury in Supermarket
Jodie Doran, a solicitor at Ward & Rider Limited, acted for a client who suffered a personal injury whilst in a well known supermarket. The client was on the escalator. However, the escalator hand rail was not working in tandem with the escalator causing the client to fall ...
Date: 17th November 2014 09:18
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Phil Mulryne

Successful claim following an accident in the school playground
Phil Mulryne, a Personal Injury lawyer at Ward & Rider, acted for Mr W to pursue a claim for personal injuries and consequential losses following an accident at school. It was Mr W’s case that he was an unwilling participant in a game being played during lunch break with ...
Date: 6th October 2014 12:57
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Ray Hudson

£19,000 compensation claimed for client who fell on public pathway
Ray Hudson, a Personal Injury Lawyer, acted for Mr J, a client from the Black Country, who had a serious fall in a public car park causing injuries because of a defective pathway. Initially on behalf of Mr J we involved the local authority who absolved themselves from blam...
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