Three things you might not have considered including in your Will…

  1. Digital assets

Digital assets, such as photographs, social media, online banking, emails and documents, are often ignored during the Will making process. But we need to remember that there is often a monetary value, or other value, to these items and therefore what happens to them in the event of your death should be considered when drawing up your Will. Consider a PayPal or ITunes account. These often hold a balance of funds. Without leaving directions for your Executors to follow, they may simply never know of their existence and therefore such funds not dealt with as part of the administration of your estate.

  1. Pets

We love them like part of the family, but what should happen to them in the event of your death? I have many clients nowadays who choose to name a family member or friend who would be happy to take the pet on in the event of their death. Some also declare a sum of money to accompany this as a gesture of help towards the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of their pet.

  1. Funeral wishes

A will is well known to be a document that lists how your assets should be passed on to family or friends in the event of your death. However, I always ask clients whether they wish to include any funeral wishes in their wills. A death in a family is an awful time for those people left behind, and often their biggest concern is to make sure their loved one has the funeral they would wish for. It is often a subject that people don’t discuss. Would my *loved one* prefer to be buried or cremated? Would they prefer a Church or Humanist service? Where should we put their ashes? These are frequent questions that arise and I am often asked whether they left details with their Wills. On the occasions that clients have left funeral wishes with their Will, there is often a huge sense of relief for the family to know that they can follow their wishes exactly.

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