Have you made a Will?
At Ward & Rider, we believe that making a Will is less about tempting fate and more about security for you and your loved ones. We all have things we treasure, whether it’s a family heirloom or something similarly sentimental, we all want our belongings to go to a loving home.

No one likes to think about making a Will, but it gives you the power to decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. If the worst should happen, would your loved ones know what your wishes were?

What will happen if you don’t make a Will?
If no Will is found, the Intestacy Laws of England & Wales must be followed in order to decide what happens to your assets. If you leave no Will some of your loved ones may not receive anything – even your spouse may not receive what you would expect. Long-term partners will not receive anything automatically, no matter how long you have lived together.

Among other things, before making a Will you should consider:

  • Who will you appoint as your Executor?
  • Do you need to appoint guardians?
  • What assets do you have?
  • Who will you distribute your assets to?
  • Making a Will is a low cost, quick and effective way to ensure your wishes are preserved

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