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Head Injury Claims

Out of all of the personal injuries a person can sustain, a head injury can be one of the most devastating. The effects aren’t only felt by the victim but also by the relatives of the victim; in some tragic cases big decisions have to be made about how to take care of a victim.

Head injuries can occur in all sorts of ways; some of the common accidents are as follows:

  • Being involved in an accident on the road; either in a vehicle or as a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle
  • Being involved in an accident at work. Blows to the head are more common than they should be, especially in construction environments. This is why it’s vital to wear head protection
  • Blows to the head from slips, trips or falls. These can be caused by anything from spilled liquids in a supermarket to cracks in the pavement or potholes in the road

If you have been involved in an accident causing a head injury through no fault of your own you will likely be entitled to make a no win no fee claim; and you should, you will need it.

Compensation Claims

All compensation claims take time but head injury compensation claims can be one some of the most drawn out. This is due to the severity and the complexity in assessing the long term effects of such an injury. In the meantime it may be worth talking to us about an interim payment.

Getting the right rehabilitation is key in the recovery process from head injuries; give Ward & Rider a call now on 0800 158 5592 to discuss this or how to start the head injury compensation claim process.

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