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Case Study

Successful Claim for Woman who Slipped on Wet Floor

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Miss N, the Claimant to pursue a claim for personal injuries.

The Claimant was visiting a local supermarket and as she entered the building, she slipped on a wet floor.

It was alleged that the supermarket had an insufficient policy for checking and cleaning the area, and a lack of appropriate matting. When the claim was submitted to the insurance company, liability was accepted.

As the Claimant fell, she landed on her outstretched hands and suffered in particular, an injury to her wrist. The Claimant was assessed at Hospital and diagnosed with a comminuted fracture to the left distal radius which required surgery to insert metal work. The Claimant went through a fairly lengthy recovery period which included physiotherapy. Eventually, she made a good recovery from the wrist injury with only minimal ongoing symptoms. It was not felt that she had a significant risk of developing post-traumatic arthritis.

The Claimant was affected quite significantly psychologically and had ongoing issues with a fear of falling and avoidance of wet floors to the extent that she refused to go in shops at times of wet weather. She was diagnosed with a specific/isolated phobia which improved after she underwent the recommended counselling.

The Claimant incurred loss of earnings at just over £1,000.00, in addition to some miscellaneous travel costs.

During the post-accident period, the Claimant was unable to carry out her usual household tasks and needed some initial help with personal hygiene from her husband.

Negotiations commenced between the parties with an offer of £17,500.00 being put forward in settlement of the personal injury claim, together with payment of loss of earnings and the care and assistance claim at £500.00.

The Claimant had also incurred costs paying someone to do her ironing and some housework after the accident. This cost a total of £762.50 which was also paid by the Defendants.

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