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Case Study

Successful claim following a slip on ice outside workplace

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Oliver Begley acted for a client following a slip on ice outside their workplace.

Our client was unfortunate enough to slip on an icy pathway and injure their elbow as they made their way into work. The accident claim was brought against the owner of the office premises but liability was denied from the outset.

However, it was clear that the owner of the premises failed to keep our client reasonably safe. This was because they only gritted the pathway in question on one occasion on the date in question, and that was at approximately 4am.

Oliver continued to argue that this system of gritting was flawed because it did not address changes in the weather between 4am and rush hour, which is when the majority of pedestrians would be using the path.

The owner of the premises eventually relented and made our client an offer to settle for approximately £5,000, which was duly accepted.

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