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Case Study

Serious head injury victim receives more than £2.5 million in compensation

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

A young woman who was left disabled following a devastating head injury has had her case settled by Jason Claridge for £2,675,000.00.

Jason Claridge, one of the Directors at Ward & Rider Solicitors and joint Head of the Personal Injury Department, specialises in personal injury claims. The sum of £2,675,000.00 was paid in relation to her injuries, her past and future care needs, her case management, her accommodation, her physiotherapy, her technology needs, and her past and future loss of earnings claim.

“This was a tremendously sad case of a young woman living in the West Midlands who had gone out for the night with a family member and ultimately ended the night being left with a serious brain injury following a road traffic accident,” says Jason Claridge.

“My client was travelling in a relative’s car. She was a front seat passenger. The driver was intoxicated and lost control of her vehicle and collided with a lamppost”.

The young woman’s injuries were very serious. She spent time in hospital and her mother and stepfather decided that they would move home, adapt their home and have their daughter come home. The care that they provided along with close friends and relatives was described by all the experts, including experts in life expectancy, rehabilitation, technology, accommodation, physiotherapy, a Neurologist, a Neurosurgeon, a Gynaecologist, an expert in aids and equipment, a seatbelt expert, a Neuropsychologist, and an expert in case management and care, as being exemplary.

“My client was left in such a way that she was immobile and unable to communicate. She could not speak. She could not understand what was being said to her. There was some evidence of responses, particularly to her daughter. However, the nature of the injuries was significant. Her life expectancy was reduced. In addition to being unable to communicate, she was unable to move independently of others. She could not look after herself, nor could she look after her daughter.

“She will need 24 hour care for the rest of her life. She will need physiotherapy input from an Occupational Therapist and other experts, including a Case Manager. This was a hard-fought case. There were significant arguments as to who was to blame for the accident and whether the Claimant was partially to blame.

We strove to demonstrate how much of a difference the Claimant’s exemplary care, provided her family had made to her life expectancy; we had substantial arguments about whether professional carers should look after the Claimant or not, and what level of input was required by the carers as well as arguing about the type of accommodation which was needed, the amount of technology required for the Claimant, the level of physiotherapy which was needed, as well as the level of case management.

As a result of the injuries suffered by my client, we claimed the following:

  • Accommodation Costs
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Technology Costs
  • Aids and Equipment Costs
  • Physiotherapy Costs
  • Court of Protection and Deputyship Costs
  • Case Management and Rehabilitation

Because of the arguments over contributory fault, this was not a case which was suitable for the Claimant receiving a periodical payment for the rest of her life. After a number of meetings, lengthy arguments and negotiation, the claim settled just before a lengthy trial for £2,675,000.00.

“As my closing comment, I would say that this was a very tragic case. This young woman had the whole of her life in front of her. She was in a steady relationship. She had a young child. I have got no doubt that she would have expanded upon her family. I also have no doubt that she would have achieved her goal of a good career in IT. All of this was tragically and cruelly taken away from her one fateful night,” says Jason Claridge. “As a result of her accident, there is no doubt that this young woman was left in a terrible state. Her life expectancy was greatly reduced. Her quality of life was also reduced but it was as good as it was likely to be as a result of the care, attention and love provided by her family.

I am delighted that we were able to negotiate a settlement that ensures that my client and her family will have the most appropriate help for the future and financial resources to fund her needs for the rest of her life. I am pleased to say that this is one of a number of different head and brain injury cases that Ward & Rider Solicitors have successfully been involved in over the last few years and if advice is needed on such a personal injury case we are always willing to assist.”

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