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Case Study

Pothole causes ankle injury: successful claim for £8,000

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Miss R, the Claimant, to purse a claim for personal injuries.

The Claimant was employed as a delivery driver, and when attending an industrial estate, stepped from the van into a pothole causing an injury to her foot/ankle.

The matter was complicated as it was difficult to establish who owned the area where the Claimant fell as this was the area in front of industrial units.

Eventually enquiries resulted in establishing a company that were responsible for the area, and when the claim was submitted, liability was admitted.

A medical report was obtained in support of the claim and the Claimant was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture to her left ankle.

The Claimant underwent physiotherapy treatment, and over the passage of time her symptoms improved. She could not afford to take any time off work as she was employed as a currier, this caused increased pain and discomfort when she was driving for long periods.

The Claimant was restricted in terms of what she could do around the house and was unable to attend the gym.

Her symptoms gradually improved to the extent that the swelling in her ankle went down and that the pain became more intermittent.

The medical evidence indicated that she would recover from her injuries within the period of 5 years. The Claimant gave instructions to settle the claim around 4 years post-accident. An offer of £7000 was put forward for firstly injuries and damages together with physiotherapy treatment costs which the Client had paid for. This was then increased to £8000 which was deemed to be a reasonable settlement figure and agreement was reached on this basis.

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