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Case Study

Man injured in a road traffic accident receives £25,000 compensation

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

The man, who was in his late 60s on the day of the accident and in his early 70s when the claim settled, suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and lower back as a result of the road traffic accident. His claim was dealt with by Personal Injury Specialist Jason Claridge at Ward & Rider Solicitors.

At the time of the accident Mr S was driving to see his friend in his local town. Before the accident he had worked a few days a week as well as regularly attended the gym and shared the housework, cooking, shopping, DIY and gardening with his family.

“Unfortunately my client’s fairly mundane journey turned into something wholly different for him,” says Jason, a Director with the company. “The last thing he imagined as he was travelling along the road in question was that someone coming in the opposite direction would collide with his vehicle and leave him with nasty injuries which left him with acute pain initially and then ongoing pain.”

Jason says that Mr S* did everything that he could to try to recover. He underwent treatment. He tried to return gently to working out in the gym. He tried to continue to work, which he could, albeit in the first few weeks he was severely affected. He also relied heavily on his family at first with what he had previously done around his house.

Despite all of this, he did not recover fully from his injuries. We claimed compensation for his physical and psychological injuries. He saw an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Psychologist. We also claimed for his travel to and from his GP and the travel to the Osteopath. The claim also included compensation for the osteopathic treatment as well as massages when he had to have them. A back support and painkillers as well as counselling were also included.

Because of the nature of his injuries, he was unable to return to doing the full amount of housework that he used to. This was taken over by his wife. He never returned to the DIY and therefore had to pay someone around £200 per annum to do this for him as well as employing a gardener to come in every month to mow the lawn.

The physical and psychological injuries that he suffered affected his ability to drive and his job included a certain element of driving and therefore he lost out on prospective work. In addition he had a claim for wasted gym membership as well as a reduction in the value of the prestigious car he was driving at the time as a result of the accident damage suffered.

Because his injuries were ongoing, we claimed for future “maintenance” treatment from an Osteopath for the rest of his life. These would consist of six half an hour sessions per year. In addition we claimed for ongoing help and assistance from his wife as well as paid help in relation to the DIY, gardening and hedge trimming for the rest of his life.

We successfully negotiated a sum of £25,000 for our client. We acted for him on a no win, no fee basis. Jason is a solicitor and dealt with Mr S from the start of his claim to the finish of his claim. Ward & Rider Solicitors are experienced in handling all types of personal injury claims, whether they arise from accidents at work, on the road or in public places.

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