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Case Study

Compensation Following Slip on Ice

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Anne-Marie’s client was injured after they slipped over on ice caused by a burst pipe leaking onto a pathway.

Our client slipped and twisted their ankle as a result of stepping onto the ice.   The injury lasted for over a year and our client had to undergo physiotherapy treatment which was paid for by the at fault party.

Our client was unable to work for several months after the accident and although they were paid by their main employer, they did lose some earnings from a part-time job.

It took meticulous enquiry to establish exactly who was responsible for the pipe but Anne-Marie discovered that the pipe was on the property of a company located close to where our client worked. At first they denied any responsibility for the incident stating that they had no control over ice forming by the pipe.

However after further investigation, the other side agreed to settle the claim. However, they then went back on their word and refused to settle. Anne-Marie therefore issued a Court claim on our client’s behalf and they received in the region of £4,650 in compensation soon after.

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