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Case Study

Claimant slipped over on a wet floor in a supermarket

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Miss T, the Claimant, to pursue a claim for personal injury damages following an accident.

The Claimant slipped over on a wet floor in a supermarket whilst grocery shopping.

The claim was submitted to the grocery store’s insurers who accepted liability for the accident.

As a result of the Claimant’s slip she sustained a fracture to her wrist which was put in plaster although no follow-up treatment was required. The Claimant continued to improve and her symptoms resolved fully around seven months following the accident.

The Claimant was not working at the time of the accident so no time off work was taken although during the immediate period following the accident the Claimant required help from one of her friends as she was unable to carry out her usual domestic tasks. The Claimant required help cooking and cleaning and also assistance showering, washing and drying her hair. The Claimant’s friend also undertook her grocery shopping tasks. The Claimant required care and assistance provided by her friend for around three weeks following the accident.

Medical evidence was obtained in support of the Claimant’s claim whereupon settlement proposals were put forward by the Defendants to represent the sum of £3,090 personal injury damages and the sum of £129.50 care and assistance.

The offer in relation to the personal injury damages was on the low side although the insurers agreed to meet the care and assistance claim in full.

Following further negotiations the Claimant’s personal injury claim was settled in the sum of £4,090.

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