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Case Study

£9,412 settlement achieved for a claimant injured in a road traffic accident

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Mrs R instructed Ward & Rider Solicitors as a result of a road traffic accident she was involved in. She lived in the West Midlands and the build up to the accident was very innocuous. She had been taking her children home after being out with them and as she came to park a taxi struck her vehicle. Details were exchanged. She immediately had pain in her neck and back as a result of the impact.

Mrs R instructed Jason Claridge, a solicitor specialising in personal injury and a Director at Ward & Rider Solicitors. We notified the insurance company acting for the taxi driver of the claim after some effort in finding out who the driver was and his insurance details. That proved to be somewhat difficult because he had only given out details regarding his name and taxi drivers’ number.

When we established contact with the insurance company they disputed liability. They advised that Mrs R had actually collided with his vehicle. Furthermore they said that there was a witness to this accident. Upon speaking to Mrs R she advised there was no other individual in the road except her, her children and the taxi driver.

We requested the statement on a number of occasions but this was never disclosed. Because of her injuries we instructed a medical expert who advised that Mrs R had suffered symptoms that would take her around 2 years to recover from. She had in the past had some back pain and discomfort and the expert’s opinion was that the reality for her was that after 2 years her problems would be more in line with naturally occurring pain and discomfort.

She had financial losses. We claimed for her travel which was incurred as a result of her seeking treatment. We claimed for her medication and treatment costs which took the form of physiotherapy.

In addition we claimed for the help and assistance that she had following the accident and this included professional decorating costs which she would otherwise not have incurred. Furthermore, she had a pre-booked holiday to go on shortly after the accident occurred. This was ruined. We took statements from those that she was holidaying with and they confirmed her significant restrictions and lack of enjoyment on the holiday.

Despite the fact that the solicitors acting for the defendant refused to accept that their client was to blame for this accident, they made offers to settle Mrs R’s claim. There was a series of offers and counter-offers made. The last offer which the client accepted and which in reality represented a full liability settlement for her claim was £9,412.

We advised Mrs R that for future reference she ought to refer to communications between the parties to ensure that her insurance premiums would not increase.

We acted for her on a no win, no fee basis. Ward & Rider are always happy to speak to clients about potential personal injury claims arising out of accidents on the roads in England and Wales, accidents at work, accidents which involve slipping or tripping scenarios or claims against medical practitioners. We are used to dealing with disputed claims and litigation.

We act under a conditional fee agreement in the majority of cases, commonly known as a no win, no fee agreement. This provides our clients with protection regarding potential costs. We can be contactable by phone, letter or email.

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