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Case Study

£7,500 Compensation for Injury Sustained at Airport

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for a client pursuing a personal injury claim following an accident at an airport.

Our elderly client was using a wheel chair supplied by the airport and being pushed by an employee of a security company.

As our client was going through airport security when they were asked to stand up at which point they caught their shin against the footplate of the wheelchair which had not been moved into the correct position by the security staff.

As a result, our client injured their leg, sustaining a significant laceration to their shin which required frequent medical treatment and regular attendances for redressing of the wound. Our client was also prescribed a course of antibiotics by their GP.

Unfortunately, our client continued to experience problems with her leg and there were some concern that an ulcer may have developed. Our client was left with scarring and was vulnerable to further injury to their leg if it was knocked in future. The medical expert instructed to prepare a report recommended that our client should continue to wear a tubigrip over their shin.

Our client suffered loss of confidence which stopped them from going out alone. This meant a loss of independence to our client and they had to call on family members to provide them with care and assistance.

The insurer representing the Defendant’s in this case denied liability for the accident. This meant that Phil had to issue court proceedings in order to secure full, fair and adequate compensation for our client.

Phil managed to negotiate settlement of our client’s claim for £7,500.00.

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