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Case Study

£5k for Client Suffering Psychological Injuries

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Our client was working in her employer’s shop when a bus belonging to the defendant crashed into the shop.

Our client was not physically injured but suffered psychological injuries. For almost an hour following the incident our client was trapped and during that period she became extremely concerned and distressed that in some way the building may collapse.

Our client was off work for a couple of days and recommenced work at a sister branch whilst repairs to the store were being carried out.

Our client underwent some counselling which was arranged by her employers although this did not significantly improve her symptoms. She felt she was unable to cope with her ongoing anxiety at the store and asked for a transfer to an alternative branch.

Steadily our client’s symptoms improved although she continued to experience distressing thoughts and whenever possible she would avoid travelling on buses.

A medical report was obtained withand the view of the medical expert was that she was likely to experience minor ongoing distressing symptoms linked to the accident in the form of anxiety and distress travelling and being around buses. Overall it was anticipated that she would make a fairly good recovery and would not be affected long term on a day to day basis.

Responsibility for the accident was admitted by the bus company.

An offer to settle the claim was put forward in the sum of £2,250. This offer was rejected and further negotiations between the parties resulted in an increase to £5,000 which was felt to be a responsible figure to represent the personal injuries.

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