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Case Study

£57,250 received for a knee injury as a result of a road traffic accident.

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Jason Claridge, Director and Personal Injury Lawyer at Ward & Rider Solicitors said,

“I recently acted for Mrs X who suffered a nasty knee injury as a consequence of an accident she was involved in. My client had been intending to visit friends. She was on a bus.

“The journey should have been fairly innocuous. During the course of the journey, an accident occurred. There was no collision between the bus and the other car but either the bus driver failed to see the other vehicle involved in this incident in time and therefore broke harshly or the other driver caused the accident by driving inappropriately. As a result of the breaking manoeuvre my client was thrown off her seat, landing heavily and damaging her knee.

“We carried out thorough investigations including obtaining copies of the police accident report and witness statements. It turned out that an individual had caused the accident by driving erratically. The bus driver had no opportunity to avoid doing what he did, that is to say he had undertaken an emergency stop to avoid colliding with the driver. We pursued a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau who acts as an insurer where a party is not insured.

“The client’s principal injuries were to her knee. She also suffered psychological upset. She saw an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Psychologist.

“She claimed for travelling to and from her doctor and hospital. She also had to take medication. Furthermore, because of her injuries to her knee she had to use a walking stick. Unfortunately, my client was advised it was likely she would have to undergo surgery to carry out an operation to improve the knee’s function.”

Jason also claimed for past and future help and assistance. Because of the injuries suffered, the client struggled with heavier household chores. The Psychologist, when he saw the client, advised she would need psychological therapy in order to assist her. Jason therefore produced a Schedule of Financial Losses which was as follows:

Past Losses:

Travel – £46.80

Treatment (including painkillers, anti-inflammatories, cost of the knee surgery and psychological treatment – £3,660

Help and Assistance (at around 8 hours a week in terms of shopping, housework, gardening and DIY) – £9,873.50

Future Losses:

Future Help and Assistance (at 8 hours a week) for the rest of her life – £35,730.86.

Future Treatment – £1,379.94

Jason adds, “I took the view that we were never going to recover the losses in full. However, the Defendants accepted that in principle the losses were appropriate but they argued the amount. After a series of offer and counter-offer the client achieved a settlement of £57,250.

“What I would say is often what would appear to be a fairly innocuous accident will produce serious injuries that have terrible consequences for the individuals bringing the claim. It is always important to remember that the claim should be investigated in full. Upon speaking to my client it appeared obvious she had a knee problem and the surgeon confirmed that it would ultimately lead to her having knee surgery.”

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