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Case Study

£50k compensation for road traffic accident claim

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Jason Claridge, Director and personal injury lawyer at Ward and Rider Solicitors acted for Mr Z from the East Midlands. He had been injured whilst driving his family one day. He had been stationary in a line of traffic when his vehicle was struck from behind with another vehicle with some force. This resulted in the classic acceleration and declaration injury commonly referred to as a “whiplash injury”. He also struck his head on the steering wheel of his vehicle. Mr Z attended upon his local hospital and general practitioner for treatment.

The initial efforts of the medical staff were concentrated on the issue to his neck. However it became apparent to him and his family that the major injury was to his brain. He was suffering from dizziness and headaches.  He had issues with loud noises and light. His mood and personality changed and varied from what he was before. His family noticed that his concentration and memory had been affected. He felt tired and fatigued.

Mr Z allowed us to initiate his claim against the insurance company of the driver responsible for his accident. They accepted liability. We obtained a medical report regarding his injuries and the initial expert felt that he needed to have the input from a neurologist regarding ongoing symptoms from the blow to his head caused as a result of this road traffic accident. His concern was that Mr Z’s head trauma had caused longer than expected head symptoms.

We therefore arranged for him to see a neurologist who reviewed Mr Z, spoke to his family, reviewed the witness statements, considered the medical records before producing his report. He felt that the headache, the sensitivity to light and loud noise, the issues of concentration and memory problems, the mood swings, the fatigue and tiredness were all classic signs of post concussion syndrome and represented in his view a mild traumatic brain injury. He recommended treatment for the mild traumatic brain injury.

Mr Z incurred some financial losses. This included travelling for medical appointments and rehabilitation. He also took medication and initially he had some physiotherapy in relation to his neck issue. He had a short period of time where he required help and assistance from his wife as a result of the neck injury. He was able to function despite the neck and most importantly the mild traumatic brain injury and was able to continue in his work. He took a couple of days off work and then his employer allowed him light duties for a couple of weeks before he returned to his full duties.

However the impact of the head injury was significant for him. He found the adjustment particularly difficult which is often the case with individuals who have even suffered the mildest head injury because the functions that they took for granted before become much more problematic and hard. After discussion with solicitors instructed by the defendant’s insurance company Mr Z decided he wanted to accept the sum of £50,000 in full and final settlement of his claim for the injuries and financial losses caused as a consequence of the injury notably the whiplash injury and the mild traumatic head injury and post concussion syndrome that he suffered as a consequence of this accident.

We acted for Mr Z on a no win no fee basis. We are willing to assist people in relation to road traffic accident claims, claims arriving out of workplace accidents, claims involving tripping and slipping accidents, claims against hospitals, general practitioners, dentists and other medical professionals.

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