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Case Study

£3k for Claimant Struck by Falling Sign

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Miss W, the Claimant, to pursue a claim for personal injuries following an accident.

The Claimant was walking on a footpath when a sign on the side of the building fell and struck her on the head, face and right leg.

Miss W was shocked and shaken up but did not lose any consciousness.

She suffered from various cuts and bruises to the face which resolved within a few weeks together with an injury to her neck which cleared up within 2 weeks and some headaches and nausea which lasted around 3 months.

Investigations were carried out to identify the company responsible for putting up the sign and when the claim was submitted to them liability was admitted.

An offer was made by the Insurance Company of the Defendants to settle the claim at £1,200.00 which was rejected.

As a result of the accident the Claimant was unable to attend a concert and had booked a hotel stay.  The costs of the same were included in her claim.

A counter offer was put forward in the sum of £3,000.00 to cover the expenses incurred (totalling around £100.00).

This offer was accepted and the claim concluded.

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