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Case Study

£150k compensation for injury resulting in complex regional pain syndrome

The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

A client who suffered Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after slipping over on their way home from work received compensation after a five year battle by their solicitor.

The claimant slipped and fell on a manhole cover sustaining a fracture to their wrist. Whilst this was painful, it was initially thought that the claimant would make a full recovery from the incident. Unfortunately, as the claim progressed, it became apparent that the injury was in fact becoming worse. In light of the worsening symptoms, the Claimant saw a Pain Management Consultant who diagnosed the Claimant as developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a condition that was expected to be permanent. In addition to this, due to the ongoing pain, the Claimant also developed psychological injury, as they could not envisage how their life would continue normally, with the level of pain being suffered.

Psychological treatment assisted the Claimant in learning how to manage the permanent condition and helped them to become more positive about their future.

The Claimant also claimed a number of financial losses as part of their claim including travel expenses to cover the cost of travelling to and from appointments associated with the accident. Medication costs were claimed for, including medication required to the time of settling the claim, along with the cost of the continuing medication for the future. There was a claim for lost earnings due to a period of inability to work following the accident. There was also a loss of earnings claim to reflect the inability to progress further with the claimant’s current employer and so increase upon their current earnings capacity. Lastly, there was a care and assistance claim to cover the cost of help required in the future for domestic tasks.

The Defendant admitted liability very early on but the claim continued for a period of 5 years, to ensure the Claimant underwent all possible treatment before settling the claim.

Following negotiation, the Claimant received a sum in the region of £150,000 in full and final settlement of the claim.

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