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Case Study

£12k for Pedestrian who was hit by a car

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Mr S, the Claimant, to pursue a claim for personal injuries.

The Claimant was a pedestrian and was walking on the footpath when a car lost control and mounted the footpath, striking the Claimant and causing him to be thrown onto the bonnet of the car and then onto the road.

The Claimant was hit from behind so had no prior warning of being struck.

The Police were involved and secured a criminal prosecution against the driver.

The claim was submitted to the driver’s insurance company who accepted liability.

The Claimant suffered various injuries which are listed as follows:-

  1. A fracture to the wrist with pretty much a full recovery within 2 years but with some occasional aching. The medical evidence indicated that the Claimant would recover in full within a period of around 3 years post-accident.
  2. A head injury with headaches and bruising to the head lasting a few weeks. It was not clear whether or not the client lost consciousness on impact but he had no ongoing symptoms from the head injury.
  3. An injury to his big toe in the form of soft tissues and bruising which lasted around 6 weeks.
  4. An injury to the neck in the form of a soft tissue injury which resolved within 6 weeks.
  5. A soft tissue injury to the shoulder which lasted 3 weeks.
  6. Some general cuts and bruises which resolved within 2 weeks.
  7. Some minor ongoing scarring to the wrist.

The value of personal injury damages were assessed and it was our view that taking into consideration all of the separate injuries, the Claimant’s injury claim was worth in the region of £10,000.00. In addition, the Claimant’s clothing was damaged as was his earphones.

The Claimant’s claim was put to the Defendants who put forward an offer of £12,000.00 personal injury damages together with payment for the damaged items.

Bearing in mind this exceeded the valuation put on the Claimant’s claim, the offer was accepted.

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