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Case Study

£11.5k Awarded for Claimant Who Slipped on Wet Floor

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Phil Mulryne acted for Mrs P, the Claimant, to pursue a claim for personal injuries following an accident where she slipped on a wet floor at a supermarket.

The Claimant was on a shopping trip when she slipped on one of the aisles causing her to fall and suffer injuries, in particular, a chipped bone to the elbow.

The claim was submitted to the insurers of the supermarket who denied liability on the basis that they had a reasonable system of cleaning and dealing with any spillages.

The supermarket sent CCTV footage and it was noted that in the vicinity of where the claimant fell, there was a wet floor sign. Arguments were put forward suggesting that rather than simply putting a wet floor sign down, the supermarket staff should’ve cleaned up the area.

Subsequently, liability was accepted by the Defendants.

In so far as the Claimant’s injuries, she suffered an injury to her knee which resolved within a 6 month period and also minor psychological issues. She continued to experience ongoing discomfort in the elbow and underwent physiotherapy treatment.

The Claimant made a good recovery but still has some residual discomfort and minor restriction of movement which was indicated to be permanent.

The Claimant was also claiming some costs attending medical appointments and some care and assistance provided to her by her husband during her post-accident period of incapacity.

The Defendants put forward an offer of £8,000.00 in settlement of the personal injury claim.

This offer was rejected and the offer increased to a total figure of £11,000.00 representing £10,000.00 personal injury damages and £1,000.00 to cover costs and expenses.

A court action was commenced but prior to the matter being allocated a hearing date, a global offer of £11,500.00 was accepted in full and final settlement of the Claimant’s claim.

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