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£10.5k for Cyclist Knocked Off Her Bicycle

The claimant’s details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

We recently acted for Miss A from London. She was injured when a car struck her when she was riding her bicycle, says Jason Claridge, director and solicitor in the personal injury clinical negligence department at Ward & Rider Solicitors.

The claimant in this matter had been riding her bicycle in London. She lived and worked in London at the time.

Whilst waiting at traffic lights, a car came into contact with her foot knocking her from the bicycle. As it happens a passing police car witnessed the accident. He took the claimant home before they took her to hospital.

We brought the claim in relation to this accident. We set out the fact she suffered injuries and financial losses. Liability was accepted eventually. The insurance company acting for the defendants wanted to take full instructions from their client regarding what had happened.

As a result of the accident, the claimant suffered an injury to her foot which included a fractured bone in her foot. She also, due to using crutches, had some aches and pains in her shoulder during the duration of using the crutches which was 8 weeks and also some back pain for the second period. Her physical injuries took her 6 months to recover from fully.

Regrettably she also suffered a psychological injury as a result of this accident which took the form of a phobia about riding her bicycle. Treatment was recommended. The claimant underwent some treatment via the NHS. She still had some residual anxiety however whilst riding her bicycle after a few months, returning to riding her bicycle for practical purposes such as getting to and from work but not for leisure activities which is something she used to do with friends at the weekend.

The insurers acting for the defendant failed to make any offers prior to the accident and consequently we had to issue court proceedings. The claim was for her injuries, namely the injury to her foot, back and shoulder as well as her psychological injury. It also included some travel and treatment costs and she had purchased pain killers and gone to have some physiotherapy through the NHS and also some counselling.

She was self-employed and she taught children how to swim. We therefore claimed back her loss of earnings because she was not paid what she was unable to work. In addition she had help and assistance provided by her friends because she lived in a top floor flat and they used to do the bulk of the shopping for her when she was incapacitated and they also used to help with cleaning the flat when she was on crutches.

After we issued court proceedings, there are a number of offers and counter offers made in relation to the case. In the week before trial, the defendants finally made an offer which the claimant found acceptable and she accepted the offer of £10,500.

The offer proved to be timely because she had gone to see her parents overseas to look after them during the Covid-19 pandemic and consequently she used the funds to allow her to live whilst staying with them.

We acted for the claimant under a Conditional Fee Agreement, i.e. a no win, no fee agreement. We act for claimants in a variety of claims including road traffic accident claims, accidents at work, tripping and slipping claims as well as clinical negligence and Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims.

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