The claimants details have been changed but this is indeed a true case

Anne-Marie Ellis-Percival acted for a client who tripped on an uneven paving slab. In doing so, our client fell over and landed heavily onto their wrist.

Unfortunately, when attending hospital for xrays, our client discovered that they had fractured their wrist. Our client had to have an operation to fix the fracture and then had physiotherapy. Fortunately, following the operation, our client made a good recovery and most of their symptoms resolved within a number of months.

At first, there was some confusion over who was responsible for the area where our client fell.  At first, a compensation claim was made against the local Council. However, they argued that the area was not their responsibility.  After enquiries with the land registry, it was discovered that the area was actually owned by a newsagents. Liability was admitted by the newsagents’ insurers and the claim was settled shortly after this.

Our client’s compensation included damages for their injury and some compensation for the care provided by our client’s family. Our client also recovered their travel expenses to the hospital.  In total our client received £2,286 – nothing was deducted from his compensation by us.