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What is the Accident Claim Process?

Personal Injury

Regrettably you have been injured. It may be that you have been injured whilst walking along a street, whilst in a shop or supermarket, whilst at work or on the road. You will want to know how to bring a claim.

From evaluating your claim to negotiating a settlement, all of the steps we take in the accident claim process are done to ensure we get you the right outcome. For every step of the claim process, our solicitors will keep you in the loop so you know the next steps in your claim and can be assured that we are working to achieve the compensation you deserve.

Step 1 – Evaluating your Claim

We need to be able to speak to you to discuss your potential claim. You can either telephone us or email us so that we can arrange an appointment to see you. The first conversation is free and there is no commitment for you to do anything at this stage. If we believe that you have a claim then we will advise you of that fact. We will do this based on what you have told us as to the accident circumstances and who potentially is responsible for your injuries and financial losses.

Step 2 – Notifying those Responsible

We will notify the individual(s), the firm or the company who appear to be responsible for your accident on the facts that you supply us with. We will give them details of the accident circumstances and the injuries that you suffered as well as your financial losses.

Step 3 – Expert Assessment

We will look to instruct the appropriate medical expert or other experts necessary to pursue your case.

Step 4 – Calculating your Personal Injury Compensation

Broadly speaking there are two aspects to your claim. The first will be an amount for pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the injuries. We will look at valuing this element with you by discussing the sorts of awards that Judges have made in the past in cases where the claimant has suffered injury which is similar to yours.

The second aspect to your claim is your past and future financial losses and expenses. Examples of such losses include the following:-

  • Past and future travel costs
  • Past and future treatment costs
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Any potential loss in respect of a pension
  • Any changes to accommodation, equipment or aids needed by you as a result of the injury suffered
  • Any help provided by family and friends in relation to housework, DIY, shopping and gardening
  • Any professional care which is needed to be supplied to you for day to day living
  • Any damage to your own personal items or effects, such as jewellery, clothing, mobile phones, etc
  • The cost of any ruined event or engagement such as a holiday


We will ask you to keep a record of any expenses that you incur as a result of your accident as we will need to prove your claim and you will need to contact us on a regular basis to tell us how you are progressing in terms of your recovery from your injuries.

Step 5 – Negotiating Compensation​

If this fails, we may need to issue court proceedings. It is very uncommon for cases to go to a trial but it is something we can guide you through.

If you win your case, you will be awarded compensation. If you are unsuccessful and lose your case then there will be no compensation award and there will be no costs to you using our no-win no-fee scheme.

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