Chris Davis

Personal Injury Lawyer



Chris joined Ward & Rider in 2017 after relocating to the Midlands from London where for 16 years he headed the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Department of a niche award winning practice with a national client base.

Chris has 20 years practicing experience in a broad range of personal injury claims including road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace and tripping and slipping accidents together with conducting medical negligence claims for missed or delayed diagnosis, surgical errors, birth injuries, and fatal injuries. He advises clients with claims against, employers, local authorities, individual doctors, and both private and public healthcare providers.

Chris is committed to helping to look after those harmed when things go wrong in a medical or traumatic accident setting. Chris is well versed in smoothing and speeding the process for obtaining damages for those who most urgently need them, such as for those who can no longer work, or who need to move to alternative, better suited housing after suffering severe damage.

Chris has a wealth of litigation and mediation experience running complex and high value cases.

Outside of work Chris is a coach at his young son’s football club, very slowly did his first triathlon in 2017 and enjoys visiting family in Italy.

His previous cases include:

  • An organic brain injury to a young, would be fireman, as a consequence of an RTA, settling above £1.7million
  • Acting for a client who fell in a frozen hospital car park, suffering a fractured ankle and on whom reparatory surgery was performed by the same hospital.
  • Compensation of £18,000 for the initial injuries, and a further £60,000 following the identification of negligent treatment at the time of the reparatory surgery
  • £525,000 for a client injured at work by a forklift
  • £45,000 compensation for a client subjected to surgical intervention for prostate cancer, without being advised properly on the risks and the availability of less invasive and likely more successful treatment options
  • Successfully recovering damages for a poorly positioned hip replacement requiring revision surgery
  • £275,000 compensation for a below the knee amputation case
  • An organic brain injury to an infant, dropped by her father in the course of a trip on a defect in a car park. Successful at a four day trial against three defendants
  • Acting for several clients under group litigation orders relating to metal on metal hip replacement products