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Whether you’re just getting your foot on the property ladder, you’re buying a second home, or buying to let, Ward & Rider can help you at every stage of the buying process. Buying a house with a personal interest can be a very stressful time. We can help you with joint ownership, mortgages, cash buying, searches and transferring ownership. Whatever your needs, you can guarantee an experienced solicitor will be right by your side when you choose Ward & Rider Nottingham.


Initially, we’ll conduct a property search to ensure that you are aware of the state of the land, any future or planned developments and passed planning permission. Our land searches will also discover elements such as a history of natural weather problems i.e. flooding.

Mortgage Deeds

When you work with us, we want you to understand the full implications of buying a property. With this, there are legal implications such as the mortgage deeds. These are often complicated documents which people can often have a hard time deciphering. Your dedicated property law solicitor will assist you in understanding all of the elements within these legal documents to allow for a smooth continuation of the process.

Contract Signing

Next is the stage of the contract signing. These will set out the final terms of the sale and a date for contracts to be exchanged is set.

Exchanging of Contracts

The buyer and the vendor exchange contracts. This is where the buyer pays a deposit which represents the fact that this agreement has become a legally binding contract.

Final Balance

The final balance is retrieved and the deeds are prepared to be transferred.


The deeds are retrieved, fees are paid and the keys are available.


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