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Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Our family team here at Ward and Rider are experienced in working with divorce or civil partnership dissolution cases. There is a big strain that comes with ending a relationship, we focus our efforts on helping our clients to understand their rights coming out of the partnership or marriage. We also help to solve issues regarding your financial affairs, children and property.

Unmarried Couples Disputes

Unmarried and cohabiting couples do not receive the same rights as married couples. Therefore, disputes are not necessarily resolved in the same ways. Ward & Rider help you to understand your options and entitlements relative to the individual situation regarding finance, property and children.

Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility refers to the rights and responsibilities of all mothers and most fathers of a child. The full details of each parents’ rights are available
here. There are a number of difficult elements which can be posed through family disputes. The emotional and financial strain can be huge.

In the event that your relationship breaks down, Ward and Rider can assist you in obtaining parental rights orders and drawing up parental responsibility agreements. We aim to complete all our cases in a timely and effective manner, all the while guiding you through each stage of the legal process so that you understand each step.

For tailored, case-by-case legal advice, call Ward & Riders’ Family Law Solicitors on 02476 555400 to talk to one of our team or book an appointment.



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