Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Whether it’s a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, we can help you to identify the best course of action for you in a family dispute. We understand that there is an emotional strain with an ending relationship. That’s why at Ward & Rider, your best interests are always at the forefront of what we do.

Unmarried Couples Disputes

There are a larger number of unmarried couples but many don’t know their rights as a couple. At Ward and Rider Leicester we help you to understand what your rights are within disputes involving finance, property and/or children.

Parental Responsibility

When a relationship breaks down, you may not necessarily know what your rights are as a parent. Ward & Rider can help you to understand this and talk through your options. Our services include assisting in obtaining parental rights orders and drawing up parental responsibility agreements.

We look at each case individually, giving you the best, realistic advice that we can in relation to your case, and as to the potential outcome of your case, and guide you through each stage of the legal process so that you understand the steps we are progressing through.

Our lawyers put in the maximum effort and knowledge to get the case settled quickly, efficiently and with as little escalation of dispute as possible.

  • Divorce/Civil Partnership disputes – our expert lawyers are here to look after your interests and give guidance throughout the process.
  • Unmarried Couples – with different rights to married couples, we are able to offer advice to unmarried couples regarding children, finance and property, including drawing up living agreements and wills.
  • Parental Disputes – we are here to help you understand your legal rights as a parent in addition to assisting with Parental Responsibility Agreements and custody cases.

Based on the outskirts of Leicester City Centre, Ward and Rider have specialists in family law and divorce, equipped to help you cope with the emotional strain that going through a family dispute can cause. Call us today 0116 201 8121.


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