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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce or separation is an issue that affects all members of the family. Our trained experts in Gloucester are committed to providing you with the best knowledge and assistance in your family case. Whether it’s assistance with a divorce, issues regarding children, or advice with cohabitation, we can help.

Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Ward and Rider provide advice and solutions for divorces and civil partnership dissolutions. We know that these family issues carry an emotional strain in such a stressful situation. That’s why we focus our efforts on providing the best possible to service for our clients to understand their rights as an individual coming out of a partnership or marriage.  

Unmarried Couples Disputes

Many couples these days refrain from marriage, which is why Ward & Rider have developed their knowledge to assist clients who potentially find themselves in an ‘unmarried dispute’ which could involve children, finance, or property. An unmarried couples’ rights and responsibilities are slightly different to a married couples’. Come to Ward & Rider who will help you understand your legal entitlements.

Parental Responsibility

The rights and responsibilities of all mothers and fathers of children in the UK is referred to as parental responsibility. A father has automatic parental rights alongside the mother if the child was born after 1st December 2003. Prior to this, only the mother had automatic parental responsibility. If your relationship breaks down, Ward and Rider can help you to understand your rights as a parent.

We understand the difficulties that can be posed through a family dispute, both the emotional and financial strain it can cause. Therefore, we aim to complete each case in a timely and effective manner to prevent any escalation of dispute. Each and every case that we undertake is thoroughly assessed individually to suit the client. We always provide honest advice as to the outcome of the case, guiding you through each stage of the legal process.

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