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Do you need to write a will? Or perhaps you have an estate or probate issue…
Are you looking for a family law solicitor in Gloucester? Look no further than here
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Family Law

No matter the circumstances, ending a marriage or civil partnership is often a difficult time for the individuals involved. Here at Ward and Rider, we understand that the process may seem daunting, that's why we have a team of specialist solicitors ready to help in your case.

Personal Injury

Personal Injuries and Accidents can not only leave physical scars but emotional scars as well, leaving the victim with financial worries from being out of work. We offer a solution to this, through our popular No Win No Fee claims process. This scheme seeks to obtain you the compensation you deserve from the offending parties without any upfront costs.

Wills & Probate

We’d always recommend to set up a Will to provide instructions to those you leave behind on how you wish your estate to be handled when you’re gone. Our experienced solicitors help clients to draw up Wills that factor in inheritance tax, trust deeds, powers of attorney and many other areas you may not have considered before.


Moving home doesn’t have to be a slow and stressful experience. Here at Ward and Rider, our team of conveyancing specialists works in a cost-effective and efficient manner, applying their expertise to ensure as timely and smooth transition into your new home as possible.