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At Ward and Rider Coventry, we help to navigate you through life's big decisions. From buying and selling property, organising joint ownership, transferring ownership, right through to mortgages, we can help. We conduct searches, help you to decipher mortgage deeds, assist you in contract signing, exchanging contracts and sorting the final balance for you to be on your way to collecting your keys. Whatever step we'll be with you, all of the way. 


We conduct searches to ensure that you have all of the information available to you that could affect the property value or future owners. For example: planning permission, planned developments, land searches to discover things such as a history of flooding. 

Mortgage Deeds

We guide our clients through the legal implications of what they are moving forward with and help them to understand documentation such as mortgage deeds. 

Contract Signing

Once the searches have been completed, and provided that the results are adequate in that you still wish to proceed with the purchase, a document will be drawn out setting the finalised terms ready for your signature. 

Exchanging of Contracts

Once the previous steps have been completed, we look to setting date for completion of the sale. This is when contracts are exchanged with sellers. 

Final Balance

We collect the mortgage money from your bank and from yourselves, and the transfer of deeds are prepared.


Upon completion, money is exchanged, the deeds are retrieved, and the keys to your new home are available. 

Our specialist conveyancing team can deal with all manners of property purchase including shared ownership agreements, mortgages under the government's help-to-buy scheme and outright sales. To begin the process of buying your new home, get in touch with our team to make a move in the right direction. 


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