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Date: 1st September 2014 Sector: 0 Specialist: Jodie Doran
£15,000 claimed for an ankle Injury caused by pothole
Jodie Doran, a solicitor at Ward & Rider Solicitors, acted for a client who was injured when returning home from work. Our client was crossing the road near to his home. As he stepped into the road he stepped into a hole at the side of the road and this caused him to fall forwards and onto the floor. Our client had noticed that the hole surrounded a drain cover.

Our client sustained injury to his ankle as a consequence of the accident. The injury to his ankle meant that some 3 years after his accident he had to undergo an ankle fusion operation. Fortunately, once the operation was conducted, he made a full recovery from his injuries. In addition to the physical injury, our client also sustained psychological injuries as a consequence of the accident. He was nervous when walking and found he was very aware of where he was placing his feet when walking along a pavement or road.

The accident had a great impact on our client’s life. He was unable to do the amount of housework, shopping, gardening and DIY that he would ordinarily have done prior to the accident. He did try to cope as best as possible as he was a stoic individual, but it did have an affect on what he could do until he reached a recovery following his operation.

A personal injury claim was directed towards the local council and they admitted liability for our client’s accident immediately. There were, however, many arguments about the value of the claim. The council simply made one offer once all medical evidence was obtained and they refused to move from this offer. The council went so far as to obtain surveillance footage of our client but, this, of course, did not show our client doing anything that undermined his claim. It was only when the matter was diarised for a court hearing that the council began to take a more sensible view on matters. Following negotiation, our client accepted £15,000 in full and final settlement of his claim.

* Our client’s name has been withheld to protect his identity, but this is a true claim conducted by Jodie Doran.

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