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Date: 17th June 2014 09:09
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Ray Hudson

£37,000 claimed for client who was involved in a road traffic accident
Ray Hudson, a Personal Injury Lawyer, acted for Mrs C from Coventry who was involved in a road traffic accident. Instructions were received nearly 2 years after the accident as previously Mrs C had instructed alternative solicitors who were unable to proceed with her claim. ...
Date: 17th June 2014 09:05
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Phil Mulryne

£8,500 compensation claimed for client who was involved in an accident at work
Phil Mulryne acted for Miss H to pursue a claim for personal injuries following an accident which occurred during the course of her employment. At the time of the accident Miss H was undertaking waitressing work, employed through an agency, and was working at local business...
Date: 17th June 2014 09:01
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Giles Walker

£4,400 compensation due to lack of warning signs
Ward & Rider Solicitors Limited acted for a client from the West Midlands who was injured in an accident at work. Our client was working in a factory when a fellow employee working as a cleaner had spilt bleach on the floor. The cleaner failed to clean up the spill or put u...
Date: 2nd June 2014 09:27
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Johanna Brewer

Successful claim after fall from ladder resulted in injury
Johanna Brewer, a personal injury solicitor at Ward & Rider, acted for Mr S in respect of his no win no fee claim. Mr S, who was self employed, was working on the defendant’s building site where homes were being built. He was given a ladder to carry out work on the brickw...
Date: 12th May 2014 09:47
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Jodie Doran

9k compensation for fingertip cut off by saw
Jodie Doran, a Personal Injury Solicitor at Ward & Rider Solicitors, acted for a client who was injured at work, on a no win no fee basis. Our client worked in a factory and was at his work station using the saw in the normal way. He had complained to his employer on a num...
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