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Date: 13th November 2013 11:58
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Anita Kaur

Rented accommodation resulted in compensation claim
Anita Kaur acted on behalf of a client in their claim for a personal injury. Our client lived in rented accommodation for a short period of time. Unfortunately, because of mould within the property, he suffered from asthma as a result. Various enquiries were made with th...
Date: 13th November 2013 11:45
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Anita Kaur

£20k compensation for injuries sustained in a road traffic collision
Anita Kaur of acted on behalf of a client injured in a road traffic collision. Unfortunately our client suffered serious injuries in the accident. Liability was admitted in a matter of months and medical evidence was obtained. Our client’s case underwent careful investi...
Date: 13th November 2013 11:42
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Fiona Beynon

Compensation for injury whilst working in a factory
Fiona Beynon acted for a client who was injured whilst working in a factory. As our client carried out their job, they tripped over a piece of equipment that should not have been on the floor and injured their knee. However they had some pre-existing problems with their kne...
Date: 13th November 2013 11:32
Sector: Personal Injury
Specialist: Oliver Begley

Successful claim following a slip on ice outside workplace
Oliver Begley acted for a client following a slip on ice outside their workplace. Our client was unfortunate enough to slip on an icy pathway and injure their elbow as they made their way into work. The accident claim was brought against the owner of the office premises but...
Date: 23rd October 2013 15:07
Sector: Divorce & Family
Specialist: Lucy Gaydon

Children Matter
Spending quality time with family, especially your children, is one of life’s many pleasures, but sadly this often becomes a problem when parents separate. Over the years I have worked with many parents who are experiencing difficulties in agreeing the arrangements for co...
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