A golfer who was hit in the face by a stray golf ball has received compensation for her injuries.

Rachel Davis was walking back to the car park from the ninth hole at Branston Golf and Country Club in Staffordshire when the accident happened. The ball hit her full in the face and she fell to the ground. The force of the impact caused damage to her teeth as well as cuts to her lips and bruising to her body. She was treated in hospital and was absent from work for a week.

The designated path used by Mrs Davis was close to the driving range, but there were no signs warning of the risk of being struck by errant golf balls. A fence had been erected to prevent this sort of accident but an earlier health and safety inspection had found that it was not high enough to prevent balls from going over the top of it. No action had been taken, however. There were also several holes large enough for a golf ball to pass through in the fence close to where Mrs Davis was hit.

Mrs Davis received £7,500 in personal injury compensation. The club was also prosecuted by East Staffordshire Borough Council and fined £5,000, with costs of £3,515, after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Sports and recreational activities can pose risks and providers have a duty to ensure that facilities are fit for purpose. If you have been injured as a result of a failure to put in place appropriate measures to safeguard your health and safety, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact our Personal Injury Team for claims advice.