A holidaymaker who was knocked unconscious after she slipped on water that had leaked from an air conditioning unit has won £37,000 in compensation from tour operator Thomas Cook.

Sylvia McNicholl, 49, was on a family holiday at a hotel in Tenerife in May 2008 when the accident happened. She got up to take her three year old son to the toilet and slipped on the spilled water and fell heavily. The next thing she knew she was lying on the floor with a severe cut on her head. She had fallen backwards and hit her head on the door of a cupboard.

Not only did Mrs McNicholl require hospital treatment at the time of the accident but the injury to her head also had long term effects. She suffered headaches and dizziness and has been left with a reduced sense of smell.

An investigation into the accident revealed shortcomings in the hotel’s maintenance records with regard to the air conditioning system.

After Mrs McNicholl brought a claim for compensation against the tour operator, a settlement of £37,000 was agreed. This was to cover the ruined holiday, her loss of earnings and her medical costs.

Avoidable accidents can turn a holiday into a disaster. If you have been injured or developed an illness whilst on holiday, you could be entitled to compensation if this occurred as a result of poor maintenance or hygiene. We can advise you on how to make a personal injury claim if you have suffered because of the negligence of your hotel, airline, tour operator or any other person or company that owed you a duty of care.