Reaching the end of a marriage is already an upsetting, stressful, and, often, messy time without the added stress of making it official through divorce proceedings. Despite the situation, whether there’s property, finances, or children involved, there’s a lot to sort through.

What are the grounds for Divorce in the UK?

● Desertion
● Adultery
● Unreasonable Behaviour
● 2 years separation with consent from the other party
● 5 years separation, no consent required

Each situation as listed above has its own particular requirements depending on your circumstances, so it is always best to get legal advice on the appropriate way forward, for your situation.

Getting a divorce by yourself without the involvement of a divorce or family lawyer might seem one of the more attractive options as it has the potential to only cost the £550 court fee, and you’ll be able to put the situation behind you in order to move on. However, if certain aspects are not dealt with correctly, it can mean that the financial claims between you and your former partner could remain open indefinitely. Proceedings could be brought at any point in the future, even if you do not currently have significant assets.

This is why it is essential to weigh up the options available to you

Hiring a professional may appear a more expensive route, but it is essential to ensure that you are protected both now and in the future. Let’s say you come into a large sum of money, or obtain a property or other asset a number of years after your ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce has been finalised. Without the advice of a qualified specialist lawyer at the time, you may find yourself subject to an expensive claim further down the line.

DIY divorces, in theory, may seem a good option as they offer the lowest initial outlay. However, we would always advise seeking expert legal advice from a solicitor or lawyer before going ahead with any proceedings or the signing of any documents to ensure that you cover yourself fully and entirely. Getting advice at an early stage really is crucial to ensuring you get the best result for you and your family.

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