Lawyers are claiming compensation on behalf of a group of cruise passengers who say that what should have been a luxury voyage became a nightmare due to sub-standard food hygiene and an outbreak of a virulent stomach bug.

The eight tourists are suing the travel company which organised the cruise, claiming thousands of pounds for their distress, inconvenience and ruined holidays. Those stricken with the vomiting bug were kept quarantined in their cabins and some continued to suffer symptoms after their return home.

The severity of the illness varied, but the eight also make general complaints about poor service and an ineffective response to the outbreak. The holiday company’s lawyers, however, insist that such complaints are unwarranted. They argue that the outbreak had nothing to do with food hygiene and that the bug was brought on board by an infected passenger.

The hearing is continuing.

If you have developed an illness whilst on holiday, you could be entitled to compensation if this occurred as a result of poor maintenance or hygiene. A member of our team can advise you on how to make a personal injury claim if you have suffered because of the negligence of your hotel, airline, tour operator or any other person or company that owed you a duty of care.