Lawyers representing a motorcyclist who was left dependent on a wheelchair and in need of constant care after a road accident, which was entirely the other driver’s fault, have achieved a settlement of his case which is expected to be worth more than £10 million over his lifetime.

The former power station worker suffered catastrophic head injuries and brain damage when a car pulled out into his path as he made his way through a slow-moving line of traffic. Although his life expectancy is only slightly reduced, his cognitive and intellectual functions are impaired as a result of the accident. He also has behavioural problems and no effective use of his left arm.

Following a lengthy period of residential rehabilitation, his condition has improved to the extent that it is hoped that he will be able to move into a specially adapted home of his own with a team of carers to look after him. A judge found that the other driver was wholly responsible for the accident and, following negotiations, his insurers agreed to pay a lump sum of £4.27 million, plus index-linked and tax-free annual payments of £175,000 to cover the costs of the man’s care for life.

The High Court has now approved the settlement.

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